Every day a Buyers Sheet is generated automatically and placed in a folder on the Cloud. email notifications are sent which includes a link to the sheet. Alternatively operators can access the Cloud directly.


Stock Check

Check shop and cool room stock and enter details in handheld device.

This data immediately flows through to the Buyers Sheets and gives Buyers an accurate and real-time picture of each site's requirements.



Data flows into appropriate sheets for checking delivery bays. This prevents missing stock or incorrect bay placements. It ensures delivery trucks don't leave with a short supply for any site.

Real-time data flow alerts sites of any buying or delivery issues even before the produce arrives..



Each buyer assess the various sites' requirements and makes decisions on buying quantities.

Appropriate colour bar indicators serve as a quick reference on which items to buy ahead of the actual market floor visit. Prefilled data simplifies product allocation to Suppliers.



Before the stock even arrives, each site has a 100% up-to-date indication of prices. Suggested selling prices can be loaded and GP% reviewed. Price tickets and promotions can be prepared before the stock arrives.

Optionally data can then be imported directly into the POS system.



On the floor the buyer dynamically does the buying and price negotiations. He knows exactly what volumes are required overall and for each individual site.

As purchasing takes place, purchases (quantity and price) are immediately allocated to each site in real time. 



Reconcile Supplier Invoices back to actual products purchased. No more tedious checking and cross-checking. All the data is there right in front of the operating staff. Accuracy of submitted invoices and supplier payments is ensured. 

And yes, crate quantities and value are also recorded.