How much is this going to cost me?
Most important question, so let's deal with it.
We estimate an entry level startup cost of at least $1200+gst for an unmodified, single shop program. There will also be a cost for setting up the Cloud multi-user environment and related security.
We know that there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' in your industry. For this reason the solution we have developed is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet  practical business requirements. We work with clients to achieve the best outcome. No two sites have paid the same due to individual variations. We tell clients to budget between 10 and 20 hours of our time to achieve a base outcome. 

How do I justify the cost?
This is directly linked to the 'man hours' you are currently spending on managing the buying process. Add up the time spent on managing the manual buy sheets, ticking them off, making phone calls and texting information and pricing. Add to that the time taken to do the supplier invoice reconciliations. We estimate you will save between 50% and 70% of that time. There is also value in having a permanent accessible reference for all your buys.


Besides my existing manual process, what other alternatives are there?
Find a commercial program that does the same thing. Alternatively, if you want to consider a complete custom development, then talk to us.

What devices will I need?
We recommend Apple iPad tablets or Samsung Android tablets.  You will need the Buyers' devices to have 3G/4G and ideally also the shop devices. You can also use a Chromebook or a laptop or a normal PC at the shop. Experience has shown that an iPad Pro 12" works best on the market floor. However, some clients are happy using a 9.7" screen device.

What if my tablet devices do not have 3G SIMs?
You can tether the tablet with your smart phone.

Ideally we want to use tablets (Android or iOS) that have SIM cards. This produces the real-time data that is at the heart of the system. However, if you only have a WiFi device, then the buy process can be completed offline and  then uploaded to the cloud once inside WiFi range.

Talk me through the workflow process

Sure thing. 
THIS LINK  shows t
he process for the Market buyers.
THIS LINK  shows the process for the Growers buyers.  
shows the process for the simplified market buyers program.

What is the software programmed in?

We use the free Google Drive platform with Googles free collaboration tools. So you will see very familiar user interfaces. For a quick overview of the benefits and advantages of this technology, please refer to THIS LINK.

What are the security risks?

Only authorised people can access the data through an email and password combination. Sheets are totally protected from malicious influence. i.e. users only have access to areas of the sheets that they are given express access to. This means no one can mess with the data or the programming.

How long does it take to implement the program?
Usually inside a week. It does depend on the changes that may be required and other variables.

What about ongoing support?
Usually we offer 30 days free support for all matters relating to your Cloud environment. This includes fixes and reasonable changes. Being on the Cloud, it makes your environment easy to support.