Once a week a Growers Buyers Sheet is generated automatically and placed in a folder on the Cloud. The single sheet takes care of the Growers orders and shop deliveries for the coming week. email notifications are sent which includes a link to the sheet. Alternatively operators can access the Cloud directly.



The buyer assess the requirements of the various shops and makes decisions on buying quantities. The bulk quantity is entered and topped up as required over several days.

Prefilled data simplifies product allocation to Growers. The process is simple and streamlined.



Grower deliveries to shop/s by truck or or small delivery vehicle. Upon receipts the Grower sheets are updated to show that the stock has been received. Multiple deliveries occur during a trading week.

This data then automatically flows through the accounting reconciliation sheets.



Reconcile Supplier Invoices back to actual products purchased.

No more tedious checking and cross-checking. All the data is there right in front of the operating staff.

Accuracy of submitted invoices and supplier payments is ensured.