Once a week a Growers Buyers Sheet is generated automatically and placed in a folder on the Cloud. The single sheet takes care of the Growers orders and shop deliveries for the coming week. email notifications are sent which includes a link to the sheet. Alternatively operators can access the Cloud directly.

Step 1

The Growers Buyer(s) assesses the requirements of the shops for the coming week. Orders are placed on the Growers and they are informed of the quantities and days for deliveries to take place. The total quantity ordered from the growers can be adjusted at any time. Indicators exist to show the balance remaining of Growers orders that require allocation to shops.

Provision is also made for individual shops to place orders  for produce directly with Growers.

The process is repeated for every delivery cycle. 


Step 2

When Growers deliver to shops, the deliveries as flagged as having been received. This assists with invoice reconciliation.

If shops also place orders with growers on top of what the buyer(s) orders, this often results in either multiple invocies or invoices that cannot be located. These sheets minimise these issues.

Step 3

This is perhaps the core component of the Growers sheets. Due to the fact that orders are placed either once-offf or incrementally and mixed with orders from shops on the same Growers, the accounts department often ends up with a number of Supplier invoices for the week buy. Added to this is that these are received at odd times and in unpredictable format.

The Accounts part of the sheets provides an easy to read reference of all purchases summarised by Grower. It is now very easy to have a reference point to work from. Queries can be looked at by the Buyer and resolved offsite.


The entire process ensures a high degree of accuracy in supplier invoice reconciliation.