The entire cloud infrastructure is built around Google Drive, Google Sheets and Analytics.  Why did we choose to go in this direction?

Cost Effective

Google Drive and Google Sheets are free


(no ongoing fees, storage charges, database maintenance or any recurrent costs)

Access and changes are tracked and audited



(you can see who worked on a sheet and when)

Changes can be made quickly and easily



(familiarity with the platform means easy changes without disrupting the overall logic)

It is a true cloud-based platform



(many people can access it independent of their geographic location)

It is highly flexible




(you have the ability to easily customised to suit initial or changed business requirements)

Can be used as a basis for higher level business metrics and dashboards


(native or add-ons can easily provide big picture scenarios without costly redevelopment)

It is a multi-user and collaborative platform by nature


(mutliple people can access and work on the same sheet at any time)(no need to wait for Mary to finish work before Johnny can jump on)(operators and management can watch figures change in real-time even if they are seperated by distance)

Most people are already very familiar with how spreadsheets work


(makes takeup super quick and easy. Training, handover and maintenance is in your hands)

You own the data





(data remains accessible and can be downloaded at any time)

It has great security and lock-down features that are supported natively


(unauthorised people cannot change formulas or mess with key data)

It empowers you as you are not in the hands of a single programmer


(less reliance on costly external resources)

Platform for business use.


(Once on the Google Drive platform, it opens up a host of possibilities for a business to use the features)