Buying sheets are copied manually into the Cloud drive environment. Buyers create their own folder structure to keep track of week on week buying. Buying information is available for shop(s) in real time. Automation can be applied if required.

Step 1

Buyers simply enter their buys into the cloud environment. As this occurs, the data is available immediately to the shop(s).

Step 2

Shop(s) staff access the buy data and are presented with up-to-date costings and volumes. Prices can be set and preparation made for ticketing and in-house promotions.

This process eliminates the need for contant texting and phone calls and associated misunderstandings.

Suggested sell prices can be set or reviewed by anyone, even if they are not at the shop.

Step 3

Where possible, these buy sheets also replicate to an export file where the PLU data can be imported directly into the P.O.S. system.

We have developed sheets in this category that automatically calculates a range of selling prices used for Wholesaling to customers with different price levels.