Multi Site or Single Site

Fruit & Veg buying made easy

We have worked with many of our Retail and Wholesale customers over the years to develop improved workflow and control processes to increase efficiencies and save time and money. 

* Secure 24hr access for multiple users from anywhere using any device.
* Permanent accurate electronic record of your buying to review any time you want.
* Instant real-time access to daily buys and prices to update your POS.

* Easy and accurate reconciliation and verification of Supplier invoices.


Free Platform with no ongoing costs.

* Save time and re-deploy resources.

* Automatic generation of daily/weekly worksheets.

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Buying from the Market

This is aimed at buyers for multiple stores, contracted buyers for several shops and buyers for single shops.

An easy to use and familiar user interface allows buyers to use tablet technology on the market floor. The free cloud based environment makes it possible for multiple buyers to access the data simultaneously. Shops and other stakeholders can see the buys and prices immediately and in real-time.This is a huge time saver and ensures accuracy in pricing right through to receiving and matching Supplier invoices. 


Buying directly from the Growers

This is aimed at buying from growers where a business wants better control over the often haphazard and disparate Grower invoices.
Manage the orders placed on growers and allocate deliveries to one or multiple shops. This is entered per day of week as required and well ahead of time. Grower invoices are often haphazard and even written on bits of paper. We control this and ensure accuracy in assessing growers invoices and simplify subsequent billing to multiple shops. The permanent historical record is an invaluable reference. 


Entry-Level Market Buying Solution

This is aimed at a less complex environment where a shop simply wants to streamline the buying and pricing process.
This is our entry level solution for market buyers who simply want to enter their buys and allow the data to be available to the shop(s) in real time. This means shop(s) get real time information about volumes and prices and can adjust their sell prices immediately. No supplier invoice reconciliation is required and we provide the option to import data into your P.O.S system if this is supported.